Aerial view of Chennai Drone Academy's Aerial Cinematography course

Professional Aerial Cinematography Training with or without DGCA Certification

Aerial cinematography training with drone

At the Chennai Drone Academy, we provide comprehensive training in aerial photography and cinematography, specifically for the wedding, commercial shoots, and film industries.

Our training module covers a wide range of topics, both online and on-field, to ensure that trainees gain in-depth knowledge and skills to capture the most breathtaking aerial views.

Topics covered in this module include

  • Fundamentals of Drones
  • Classification and Categorization of Drones
  • Setting up and Pre-check Procedure
  • Frame Composing Techniques
  • Gimbal Movement Techniques
  • Understanding Different Air Spaces
  • Choosing the Best Camera Settings Depending on Requirements
  • Flight Simulator Training
  • Hands-On Field Training with Expert Trainer

As a top-rated drone training institute in Chennai, our mission is to provide the best possible training courses and learning experiences for aspiring drone pilots and operators. With our specialized training and experienced instructors, trainees can develop the essential skills required to excel in aerial photography. and cinematography.

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