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Why should you learn drone technology in 2023?

At Chennai Drone Academy, we believe that learning about drone technology is an essential investment for the future. Our courses are designed to impart the necessary knowledge and skills for individuals who wish to enter the exciting world of drones. As part of the national mission to increase young employment in India and the employability of technology graduates, we offer drone technology courses that prepare our students to become professional drone pilots.

Around the world, drone technology is a rapidly evolving field that offers a wealth of opportunities in various industries, including infrastructure development, Film Industry,  surveying, and agriculture and more. By learning about drone technology, our students can develop a unique skill set that will set them apart in the job market. Moreover, they will be well-equipped to navigate the evolving policy guidelines for drone usage in the civilian sector in India, as released by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) of the Government of India.

If you’re interested in learning about drone technology and becoming a professional drone pilot, we invite you to explore our courses. Our courses cover topics such as FPV drone piloting, drone photography and videography, and drone maintenance and repair. With our expert trainers, hands-on field training, and a comprehensive curriculum, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in the exciting world of drones!

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Empowering Practical-Oriented Drone Training

Flight-Worthy Training

We provide practical-oriented drone training that prepares students to operate drones confidently and safely in real-world scenarios.

DGCA Authorized Instructor: Drone Training & Certification

DGCA Authorized Instructor

Our DGCA-authorized instructor is the perfect choice for your training needs. With years of experience and expertise in the field, our instructor has undergone the DGCA Pilot Instructor training process. You can trust the knowledge and skills to guide you through your drone training journey safely and successfully.

Empowering Drone Enthusiasts

250+ Students Success Stories

Our drone training program has a proven track record of success, having trained over 250 students to become skilled and confident drone pilots.


Join Chennai’s leading drone training institute for professional UAV and technology courses. Enhance employability with our pilot training.

Virtual/Live lessons.

Live/Online Theory Sessions

Master Drones with Interactive Virtual/Live lessons.


Orientation Sessions

Prepare for flight with in-depth drone orientation sessions.

Simulator and On-Field Practice

Simulator & On-Field Practice

Fly confidently after simulator and on-field training.

Drone Technology Career Prospects: Evaluating Opportunities in 2023 and Beyond

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