Chennai Drone Academy's Basic Drone Training Course

Basic Drone Training

Basic Drone Training - Learn to fly and operate a drone safely and efficiently

Chennai Drone Academy, we offer comprehensive drone training courses to help students become professional drone pilots and operators.

Our training program focuses on the latest trends in drone technology and provides hands-on training to give our students a competitive edge in the industry.

Topics included in our Drone Training Course

  • Fundamentals of Drones
  • Classification and Categorization of Drones
  • Setting Up & Pre-Check Procedures
  • Operating Procedures
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Emergency Identification and Handling
  • Knowledge about Range and Endurance
  • Flight Simulator Training
  • Hands-On Field Training with Expert Training


Our mission is to provide the best possible drone training courses and learning experience for aspiring drone pilots and operators in Chennai. With our expert trainers and cutting-edge curriculum, students can gain the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the fast-growing drone industry.

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